05th September by David W. Mathisen

Esoterism, Mystery, and Schwaller de Lubicz: Interview on Beyond the Veil, September 02, 2016

Special thanks to Chris & Sheree Geo for inviting me over to their Beyond the Veil podcast at Truth Frequency Radio yesterday (September 02, 2016).

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17th August 2016 by David W. Mathisen

Star Myths of the World and how to interpret them

It is my belief that the evidence overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that the myths and sacred stories of the world are based upon a common, world-wide system of celestial metaphor -- and that the evidence in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments supports the same conclusion regarding the sacred stories in the Bible.

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13th July 2016 by Walter Cruttenden

Three Zodiac Signs May Date to 10,000 BCE

The zodiac, that well known ancient coordinate system of twelve constellations, which astrologers use to construct horoscopes, and modern astronomers and layman use as a guide to find celestial objects in the night sky, may be far older than previously thought. At least that is the partial evidence that is emerging from the ongoing archaeological dig at GobekliTepe, Turkey. This site of megalithic structures comprised of dozens of oval shaped structures has been carbon dated by German archaeologists, led by Klaus Schmidt, to approximately 10,000 years BCE.

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21st June 2016 by Walter Cruttenden

Ancient Keys to the Future

Textbooks tell us that civilization is about 5000 years old. At least, that's about as far back as we find the first writing and the first significant man-made structures such as ziggurats and pyramids. Before that is a period called prehistory. Unrecorded, it is a time assumed to be far more primitive than our own.

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